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Why we joined DC’s top boutique brokerage

Published in Collective PC News on June 26, 2023 by  Katie Geffken
Collective Property Constultants

above: City Chic’s CEO + Broker Lindsay Dreyer with Katie, Melody, and Chelsea

Collective Property Consultants is thrilled to announce that we have joined City Chic Real Estate, the top boutique brokerage in the Washington DC area. City Chic, a local, woman-owned, real estate brokerage serving DC, Maryland, Virginia, and New Hampshire is owned by serial entrepreneur and ball-of-energy Lindsay Dreyer, a long-time friend and advisor to our team.

Why make this move? We’ve grown a ton personally, professionally, and as a team and we would benefit from more support now more than ever to continue to help our clients with the level of service that they are used to. Most real estate teams that reach our level make the choice to go to large international brokerages. But bigger isn’t always better. We are going in a different direction than most, choosing to be a big fish in a small-ish pond. 

The personal relationships that are the hallmark of our client-facing business are just as important behind the scenes. At City Chic, we feel incredibly supported by Lindsay Dreyer and her whole team. The culture at City Chic matches ours at Collective—fun, hard-working, and real. Because we will be the top-producing team at City Chic, we are a priority for the brokerage; the brokerage is a priority for us. We are all on the same team. Financially, the move also makes sense. City Chic offers a full suite of back-of-house services for which we currently pay. At City Chic, those costs will either be significantly reduced or part of our affiliation with the brokerage.

Melody Goodman, Katie Geffken, Chelsea Henderson

What changes for our clients? Nothing! We will still deliver the same great, personalized service in Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland! 

What changes for us? We get to be part of a small, well curated team of passionate people devoted to making the real estate journey seamless for all. Because City Chic will take some of the behind-the-scenes heavy lifting that it takes to run our business off our shoulders, we’ll have even more time to spend with you. Don’t be surprised if we ask you to escape work for coffee, lunch, or a drink sometime soon! 🙂 

Have questions? Want to learn more? You know we’re an open house book, so feel free to ask! 

About Katie Geffken

Katie is founder and partner agent at Collective Property Consultants. A marketing strategist and local business owner turned Realtor®, Katie has an entrepreneurial spirit and loves to make a positive impact in people’s lives through her work. She spent years marketing for top brands before opening a successful cycling and barre studio in Capitol Hill, finally pivoting to real estate where she found she had the ideal blend of hard and soft skills to serve buyers and sellers in the Washington, DC area.

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