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Leave the leaves and other fall yard tips

It’s that time of year… you’re drifting off for a nap on a cool, crisp Saturday, snuggling deep in the blankets, only to be awakened by the loud, steady hum of a leaf blower. Or more likely, multiple leaf blowers. Here’s the thing: we have been tricked, yes, tricked into thinking that come fall, we

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HVAC Part II: Demystifying the parts

Hard to believe, but there are still houses in our region that lack HVAC systems. If you either live in one of these houses or are buying a home and plan to install central air and/or heat, you have many options. We know all the lingo can be overwhelming, so let us break down the

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Lessons learned from replacing our HVAC system

We knew our HVAC system’s days were numbered when we bought our home in 2016. Luckily, we got an additional 5+ years of use out of it before the A/C completely bit the dust a couple months ago. Our home already had ductwork in place so it was cheapest/easiest to stick with a furnace +

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Exploring off-the-beaten path activities in the DMV

Fun fact: my husband is obsessed with airplanes. This means that anytime we fly somewhere, he has to know what kind of plane we are taking (basically, I just hope it will get us and our luggage to the same destination at the same time) and he meticulously researches this information. He’s also the guy

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