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Light up your life: light fixture trends we love and affordable examples of each

Published in Interior Design on February 4, 2022 by  Melody Goodman

As Realtors, we see a lot of houses—and we also have the honor of preparing a number of houses for market. Why is that an honor? Well, think about it. The owners are trusting us to apply our expertise to help get them top dollar.

Recently, we offered our advice on how paint can give your living space a glow up. Now I offer another simple way to elevate a room. Whether you’re staying put in your home or thinking of selling, new light fixtures are an easy (and often, inexpensive) update to liven a room. 

I’m not a designer, but I know a few and I pay attention to detail. What I’m seeing in the hot homes and what buyers seem to be enjoying are: glass with minimal lines, seeded glass, and milk-colored glass. I’m also seeing lots of metals as well as organic textures like wicker and rattan.  

Believe it or not, you don’t have to break the bank to make a big change. Amazon actually has some great fixtures and don’t forget to also check out Craigslist and/or local secondhand sources such as Community Forklift. Other favorite retailers include West Elm, World Market, Wayfair, Pottery Barn, and Rejuvenation.   

A few of my current styles and favorites currently available in stores and online for purchase:


Named after the satellites this fixture style often resembles, the sputnik is actually a very versatile fixture. Love it as a chandelier in the dining room or 2-story foyer.  But it also works well hung flush in a bedroom or living room. Try this one from Wayfair or this one from Amazon.

A sputnik feature spices up an open space.


I adore the boho look of a basket pendant over a dining area, reading nook, or bedroom.  World Market has several super affordable ones. For more of a splurge, check out this beauty from West Elm. Adventurous? You can DYI with just a basket.

We just love the texture provided by a rattan fixture.


Equally great for a dining room or a bedroom, this classic, timeless piece hides the bulb, which a lot of fixtures don’t do these days. This one from Pottery Barn is super versatile. Feeling spicy? Go a little extra with a tiered drum.

Sculptural semi-flush

A sculptural (dome, bell, sphere) flush-mount fixture is an easy update to a foyer, hallway, or bedroom. There are so many directions to go in, depending on your style. There are also different sizes to choose from to match the space, and also looks great with a pair hung as a set. Check out this clear option from West Elm or this one in white metal.

Exposed bulb

I still love exposed Edison bulbs (despite them being referred to as chuegy in something I recently read) but also have been lusting over these matte white LED Tala bulbs. They are a creamy soft white that is totally worth the splurge when you have a fixture with exposed bulbs but aren’t feeling Edison. (Bonus: each bulb is individually mouth-blown, sandblasted, and designed by Tala, a British lighting brand dedicated to sustainability and unique design. For every 200 Tala bulbs sold, 10 trees are planted.)

So many gorgeous light fixtures to update your home.

The ceiling

Warning: you may need to repaint your ceiling when replacing a fixture. A lot of modern options have a smaller canopy than the older fixture you’re probably removing. You might be able to touch-up paint but often painting the whole ceiling is better.

So go forth! Brighten up your life! And send us your before and after photos. Most of all, enjoy your updated living spaces.

About Melody Goodman

Melody is an earth-conscious Realtor® who is passionate about helping buyers find their ideal home, guiding sellers through this hot market, and inspiring everyone to live happier, healthier, and more sustainable lifestyles. A Realtor for over 15 years (with 10+ in the DC metro area), Melody has experience navigating an extreme buyers market, an extreme sellers market, and everything in between. With her NAR Green Designation, Melody is well versed in issues relating to energy efficiency and sustainability in real estate. She believes that by investing in the communities we love, we can help the planet, increase property values, and make the world a better place.

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