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Moving tips from a real estate agent

Published in Home repair, Lifestyle on January 23, 2023 by  Melody Goodman
Make moving fun by being prepared!

As a real estate agent, I’m also in the moving business! I’ve been known to help clients take a load of unwanted stuff to the thrift store, can connect you with the area’s top movers and organizers, and have a list of steps you can take NOW to ease your move LATER.

If you’re planning to move in the next few years, here’s what you need to do: 

Declutter declutter declutter

This one seems obvious, but we often hold onto items we don’t need or use anymore. My pro-tip: keep a box in your closet(s). As you encounter items you don’t need or don’t plan to use anymore, drop them in the box.  Once it’s full, take it to a donation center.  If you currently have more than a box’s worth of unwanted items and need help, consider piling everything in an area such as your garage or basement and then call Junk Luggers. This junk removal company donates, repurposes, and recycles as much as they can before hauling items to a landfill.

Organize junk-attracting spaces

Cleaning out those junk drawers, coat closets, and the attic/basement/laundry room/garage ahead of time (and keeping them organized) allows you to enjoy the space now AND be ready to go when the time comes to move. You don’t need to do it all at once, perhaps tackle one space per week (or month).  If organization isn’t your jam, hire a home organizer.  A couple of the local organizers I recommend include Blake the Organizing Boss and Minimize and Organize by Jenya Tucker.

Acquire less stuff

If you’re planning to move in the near future, it’s more important than ever to question each purchase.  Do you really need that item?  Is whatever you’re thinking of purchasing going to stand the test of time? Will you want to pack it and move it in a few months?  Perhaps wait until you move to make any new purchases and then see what is still needed (and if you still want it) once settled in the new home.

Repair small damages

Do you have a shower that needs re-caulking or a wall that’s particularly dirty?  Consider doing upfront any minor painting and/or repairs that you’d eventually do to prepare your home for sale.  This allows you to enjoy a fresh, well-maintained home while you still live there!  Many times my clients fall back in love with their home after we spiff it up for the market, so why not fall back in love with it now 🙂

Research professionals

Moving can be expensive. Get quotes now so that you can budget. Ask about insurance.  Find out precisely what they cover in terms of damages and losses. Contact your own home insurance to see if they cover items damaged that the movers do not cover.  Some moving companies also provide moving boxes and supplies, which can save you hundreds of dollars. And make sure to book your mover as far in advance as possible. Many of the top movers (such as Bookstore Movers) can book up months in advance.

Move prepared

As you get closer to your moving date, keep one box on hand with immediate needs. Whether it’s amenities for that first night/morning in the new home (think: coffee pot) or items your children or pets might need, being able to quickly put your hands on the essentials will make that first night in the new home all the more easeful.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything I can do to help!

About Melody Goodman

Melody is an earth-conscious Realtor® who is passionate about helping buyers find their ideal home, guiding sellers through this hot market, and inspiring everyone to live happier, healthier, and more sustainable lifestyles. A Realtor for over 15 years (with 10+ in the DC metro area), Melody has experience navigating an extreme buyers market, an extreme sellers market, and everything in between. With her NAR Green Designation, Melody is well versed in issues relating to energy efficiency and sustainability in real estate. She believes that by investing in the communities we love, we can help the planet, increase property values, and make the world a better place.

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